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Star Trek Adventures Command Division

Star Trek Adventures Command Division

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The Command Division supplement provides Gamemasters and Players with a wealth of new material for use in Star Trek Adventures for characters in the command division.

The Command Division supplement includes: • Detailed description of the command division, including its role in Starfleet, the various branches within the command division, the role of Fleet Operations, life as a command division cadet, and details on starship operations. •

Expanded 2d20 Social Conflict rules, enhancing social encounters and galactic diplomacy. • An expanded list of Talents and Focuses for command and conn characters. •

Over a dozen additional starships and support craft to command and pilot, including the NX, Nebula, Sovereign, and Steamrunner classes, as well as many shuttle types and the indomitable Work Bee! •

Advice on creating command division focused plot components for your missions to test the mettle of your captain and flight controller. •

New rules on running Admiralty-level campaigns that let you command entire fleets, as well as information on commanding starbases. • Detailed descriptions and game statistics for a range of Command and Conn focused NPCs and Supporting Characters.

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