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OGRE Battle Box

OGRE Battle Box

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Watch out – more Ogre Miniatures are rumbling onto the battlefield! Try to defeat the Ogres with 11 kinds of combat units, including the dreaded Paneuropean Fencer! Assemble these unpainted miniatures and dive into exciting futuristic combat with this fully playable game – a huge set of Ogre minis, a giant map, and an updated version of the Ogre Sixth Edition rules!

The Battle Box includes both Set 1 and Set 2 of Ogre miniatures, in gray:

A deadly team of Ogres: 1 Ogre Mark III 1 Ogre Mark IV 1 Ogre Mark V A powerful Paneuropean defense: 1 Paneuropean Fencer with extra Fencer-B turret 6 Superheavy Tanks 4 Mobile Howitzers 4 Howitzers 8 Heavy Tanks 6 Missile Tanks 8 GEVs 12 Light Tanks 12 Light GEVs 6 GEV-PCs with 3 infantry each 14 infantry bases with 3 infantry each 1 Command Post Everything else it takes to play: A giant 28.5" x 33" poster map of battlefield terrain – the original G.E.V. map, G1 Complete, updated 32-page Ogre rulebook Reference and scenario sheet 5 Ogre record cards A six-sided die

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