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Arkham Horror RPG: Starter Set – Hungering Abyss - Releases 2nd August 2024

Arkham Horror RPG: Starter Set – Hungering Abyss - Releases 2nd August 2024

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An ancient force has come to the city of Arkham that threatens to consume everything in Hungering Abyss, a starter set in the world of Arkham Horror.

In this all-in-one box, up to 6 players (5 players + 1 Game Master) take on the role of talented and bold investigators as they try to unravel the mystery behind empty graveyards and the sense of lurking dread that has fallen over the city of Arkham in the height of the 1920s. Whether you are brand new to collaborative storytelling tabletop games or a veteran role-player, this learn-as-you-play adventure is an excellent way to get a feel for both roleplaying games and the unique Dynamic Pool System.


  • Great gateway for new TTRPG players, as it requires no prior knowledge of tabletop RPGs, board games, or Arkham Horror to play
  • Comes with MANY gaming components
  • Gaming sessions are quick! Each scenario is divided into 10 scenes that take 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Thanks to intuitive rules and a variety of tactile components, the box is designed for total narrative immersion. Decisions made early on will grow into an ongoing narrative. 


  • A Game Master’s Reference Board
  • An Adventure Booklet (48 pages)
  • 5 Character Portfolios
  • 24 Six-sided Dice (12 black and 12 green dice)
  • 3 Double-Sided Poster Maps
  • 16 Non-Playable Character Profile Cards
  • 21 Item and Spell Cards
  • 3 Punchboards (puzzles and tokens)
  • Several handouts (evidence pieces – journal, letters, etc.)
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