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Gnome Hollow Deluxe Upgrade Kit - Release Date Unknown

Gnome Hollow Deluxe Upgrade Kit - Release Date Unknown

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ELEVATE YOUR GNOMES:  Enhance your Gnome Hollow experience with colorful wooden component pieces representing the game's Flower, Mushroom, Treasure, and First Player Tokens.

COMPATIBILITY: Designed for Gnome Hollow, this kit is a must-have for players that want to elevate their gaming experience

EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Our deluxe upgrade kit come with 200 wooden components in total - 32 Wood Flower Tokens, 110 Wood Mushroom Tokens, 57 Wood Treasure Tokens, 1 Wood First Player Token

STUNNING ARTWORK - Designed by Ammon Anderson, Gnome Hollow features stunning art and intuitive game play, perfect for both new and experienced board game enthusiasts.
EASY TO LEARN & FUN TO MASTER - With simple rules, strategic depth, and engaging mechanics, Gnome Hollow is ideal for 2-4 players seeking a delightful gaming experience.

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