Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo

Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo

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It's bug mania!


  • A colourful travel bingo game featuring a variety of bugs and mini beasts!


It's bug bingo. With some of your old favourite bugs like lady beetles to some you may not know about like water boatmen. Match all the animals on your board and be the first to yell out BINGO! to win. Develops Matching and Memory Skills, encourages Observational Skills as well as Personal and Social Skills. Suitable for children aged 3-6 years. Box measures approx 15cm x 14cm x 2cm

Whats in the box

  • Contents:
  • 4 bingo boards
  • 20 picture cards
  • 34 leaf counters


Learning Outcomes

  • Literacy
  • Social & Emotional


Learning through play!