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Paranoia: The Uncooperative Board Game - Pre-Order ETA Unknown

Paranoia: The Uncooperative Board Game - Pre-Order ETA Unknown

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Each player controls a Troubleshooter, tasked with carrying out the Computer’s orders in the hope of being promoted through the spectrum of Clearance Levels, and hopefully attaining the rank of Ultraviolet.

Alpha Complex is a dangerous place, full of mutants, secret societies, and other troublemakers. It’s quite likely that Troubleshooters will die. (It’s also quite likely that they will, in fact, be mutants, members of secret societies, and troublemakers.) When a Troubleshooter dies, high-tech rapid cloning procedures ensure that they can get back to work almost instantly. Clones are limited though, so don’t be too frivolous...

Sometimes, the only way to get ahead (or, indeed, get anywhere at all) is to bend the strict rules of Alpha Complex... but watch your back. If anyone witnesses your (justifiable?) acts of despicable treason, and lets the Computer know... things might not go so well for you. Especially if the roving GuardBots have anything to do with it.

Best of luck, and remember: the Computer is your friend! Trust the Computer!


  • 30 Alpha complex modular map tiles
  • 195 Cards
  • 93 Tokens
  • 6 Troubleshooter standees
  • 1 Clearance tracker
  • 1 Rulebook
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