Ravensburger ESCAPE Kids Amusement Park Plight Park 368pc

Ravensburger ESCAPE Kids Amusement Park Plight Park 368pc

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What's your favourite ride?


  • One of the most fun places on earth.
  • Follow the clues to piece together the puzzle and enjoy a fun day out...or in
  • 368 piece puzzle, suitable for ages 9+
  • Explore and discover.


With only their imaginations, little puzzlers, girls and boys alike, will enjoy our wonderful learning and discovery puzzles. Hours of puzzling and a valued learning and discover experience. Look for more 368pc from our Learning and Discovery Collection. This Escape Puzzle for KIDS mixes a richly-illustrated 368-piece jigsaw, an exciting storyline and 6 mathematical riddles hidden within the jigsaw image. Once you've assembled the puzzle, you need to solve the riddles and "escape"! A little tip - the puzzle image isn't identical to the box image. Those little changes may help you solve the riddles. Supplied with instructions and solution envelope, Escape also comes with a unique QR code to help you solve the riddles.

Whats in the box

  • 368 puzzle pieces


Learning Outcomes

  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Imagination