Saltlands The Board Game - Kickstarter Edition

Saltlands The Board Game - Kickstarter Edition

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Fight raiders, cooperate or betray your friends. Be among the first to escape the Saltlands!

Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic survival board game taking place in an authentic, low-tech dystopian world plagued by drought. With your friends, you are fleeing from invading raiders, leaving your desert home: a plain left behind by a once great ocean, called the Saltlands.

  • Flee from waves of invading raiders
  • Use landsails, motorized vehicles and a multitude of weapons
  • Explore the environment, collect victory items and investigate rumors in hopes of escape
  • Compete or cooperate – who wins and who is left behind?
  • How you play and whether you survive is up to you: Saltlands is a challenging game with unconstrained player interaction and chair-gripping tension. Will you survive the desert?
  • Authentic game world & graphic design
  • Can be played in competitive, co-operative and hybrid game modes
  • Modular game board, high replayability


  • 36 plastic raider miniatures of 6 raider vehicles
  • 6 characters with standees and player mats
  • 13 individually illustrated terrain tiles
  • 180 cards (weapons, vehicles, items, rumors)
  • English Rulebook
  • And more (mirage tokens, wind tile etc.)