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Star Trek: Lower Decks – Buffer Time - Pre-Order ETA Unknown

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Buffer Time - Pre-Order ETA Unknown

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Explore strange new worlds, they said... but it’s hard to appreciate the wonders of the Galaxy when you’re stuck lubing the turbolifts. But hey, it’s not like Captain Freeman knows how long any of these assignments really take...

In this push-your-luck card game, 2-6 players work together to complete their assignments while also making time for some well-earned rest and relaxation. Can you squeeze enough fun into your duty rotation before the bridge crew figures out what’s going on?

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Buffer Time is a fast-paced, party-style card game that can be played with no knowledge of the show, but the more of the show you've seen, the more you will enjoy. Cheap, re-playable, and ultimately the most fun you can have for a cheap price.


  • Rules sheet
  • 18 Assignment cards
  • 26 Side Project cards
  • 28 Shift cards
  • 20 Special Ability cards
  • 6 Reference cards
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