About Us

After working in the Games Industry as a Store manager for 10 years, I decided that I wanted to work for myself, and hence Goat Wine Games was created. 

Now you are asking "Where did the name come from?" Well it was simply from a Legacy Game that my son was playing, it appeared in a story from the game, and well the rest is history. I wanted a name that was unique and fun. 

I wanted to do more then just manage a store, I wanted to extended my areas of interest and give my customers more of a personal service, spend more time if they needed to chat or had a bunch of questions regarding their needs. 

I have experience with family games and educational games, and am happy to give advice in these areas. I am not a qualified teacher of any kind, but through research and chatting with parents over the years, have come to learn more about families and how games can be a part of learning or a different learning tool for teachers. 

Call of Cthulhu RPG, Mystery Games, Niche RPG systems and unique products will be a big focus for Goat Wine Games. In saying such if there is an item that I don't have on the website, then email me and I am happy to order it in, if stock is available. 

Looking forward to providing a fun experience for all customers, so welcome to Goat Wine Games.