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Wandering Galaxy: A Crossroads Game - Release Date Unknown

Wandering Galaxy: A Crossroads Game - Release Date Unknown

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Outer space is impossibly enormous and filled with untold riches and beauty. You wouldn’t know anything about that though, because you and your pals are spacers. You’ve got your hands on a ship so old, the onboard AI is growing artificially senile. You, an oddball crew of different species and talents, get the jobs that no one else wants: the ones that get you shot at, dumped into off-world gladiatorial games, or fleeing the law while your cargo hold is stuffed with contraband. It’s a hectic life, but it’s never boring.

Wandering Galaxy is the newest addition to Plaid Hat's "Crossroads Game" universe. It is a narrative science fiction game where players take on the roles of hopeful spacers who dream of getting rich and famous while staying alive doing so. Choose a species for your character, build a background for them, then select a unique station on the ship to control. Play with your personal deck of cards and customize it every play-through, as your character finds gear, makes friends, and learns new skills.


  • 1 Location book
  • 1 Cloth bag
  • 1 Custom die
  • 1 Galactic star map
  • 6 Ship station boards
  • 1 Pad of ship log sheets
  • 1 Pad character sheets
  • 11 Standees
  • 317 Standard cards
  • 133 Tokens and counters
  • 1 Card catalog with dividers
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