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Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 (GB-02)

Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 (GB-02)

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The Gift Box 2 is a first for the Digimon Card Game. Each product comes with an acrylic stand featuring Digimon characters and gameplay markers to keep track of Keywords, DP (Digimon Power) changes, and more!

Contents include:

  • 5x Draconic Roar boosters
  • 1x Acrylic Sheet (4 types in total) - first ever acrylic damage counter and memory counter for Digimon Card Game
  • 2x Memory Gauge - includes a set of two large Memory Gauges to use with the included memory counter
  • 1x Promotion Card (4 types in total) - each gift box contains an alternate-art promo card
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