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Magic the Gathering Booster Repacks

Magic the Gathering Booster Repacks

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Magic the Gathering  Repack Booster Packs.  

Each booster contain a total of 15 cards. 

  • 11 commons 
  • 3 uncommons 
  • 1 rare or Mythic rare 
  • The booster may also contain non basic land. 
  • Occasionally you may  come across a card of value in a pack, but this is not guaranteed.

The packs will contain cards from across many sets from approximately "The Dark" through to "Zendikar Rising". 

  • These packs have been made with a mixture of colours. 

  • There maybe double ups of some cards in a pack in some instances. 
  • All cards are in English. 
  • Some packs may contain a foil card. 
  • Cards range from Mint to Played condition. 
In very rare instances a pack may contain slightly more or less cards then indicated. 

Suitable for beginners and collectors alike. 
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