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Sand Land Tactical Card Battle - Starter Deck [SL01]

Sand Land Tactical Card Battle - Starter Deck [SL01]

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Akira Toriyama - who is the famous original author of the "Dragon Ball" comic - is getting a card game to commemorate Sand Land's new anime and video game! The card game is being created in collaboration with famed designer, Richard Garfield, who is recognised as having created the first TCG, published in the early 90's!

This card game features Sand Land's deep lore focused on adventure, plus the mecha battles and crafting tactics from the video game.


  1. Sand Land's TCG features the Sand Land world and features many new characters from the new anime storyline. New cards will be timed to match the anime plot with speedy releases!
  2. Card game users can experience a unique deck-building game concept every round! Devise round-winning strategies by carefully choosing cards from your hands to play or scrap at the start of each round.
  3. Features card flip battles that make strategies more involved and exciting, where you and your opponent try to predict the other's moves! Unit battles can be used to add effects or missions/quests for endless possibilities in your strategies!


  • 1 Deck (30 asset/tactic cards)*
  • 1 Leader card
  • 1 Playsheet
  • 1 Counter item (paper)

* Please note that the decks are randomly selected from 10 different deck patterns (the packages are all the same).

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