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In SCRAP, you take on the role of an "Intelligence", a collective of Bots who have just become truly intelligent following an event known only as "The Singularity", which unleashed the mysterious "Celestium" into the galaxy. Travelling to planet Seratus, you must lead your Bots to find out the truth behind "The Singularity".

SCRAP is an area control game featuring lots of "Bots on a Map". Its major mechanical features are:

  • Action Queue Programming: You'll plan your moves in advance by placing "Functions" into an queue. Each turn, you'll resolve the Function at the front of your queue and place a new Function at the back of it.
  • Hand Building: Throughout the game, you'll acquire new Functions to increase your options when programming. Each card has two major purposes; one, to serve as a unique option for your Bots (no two action cards are the same), and also as fuel for other powers; whenever you reveal a Function on your turn, you can discard a Function of a matching colour to gain powerful bonus effects!
  • Hand Management: Your Functions will need time to refresh in between uses, and you must plan a Reboot turn in advance (even Robots need a break!). Spend too many cards too quickly and you'll find yourself rebooting much more frequently.
  • Hidden Bidding Combat: Assign your Bots orders in a unique and thematic combat system with no dice or cards; YOU choose what your Bots will do. Probe your opponent to gain additional data or weapons for the future, snipe their Bots before they can strike, brace for impact, and then get ready to brawl! Plus, get data whenever you destroy something!
  • Asymmetric Factions: Play as one of six unique "Intelligences" (factions) featuring a unique hand of functions (5 cores similar to other players and one wholly unique ability) and unique upgrades. Crush the competition with Vulkanos, study your enemies as Cerebrum, or manipulate the space-time continuum with Tachyon.

SCRAP draws inspiration from a range of games, including Cthulhu Wars, Inis, Scythe, Concordia, Rising Sun, Cry Havoc, Blood Rage, Mage Knight, and Spirit Island.

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