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ISS Vanguard: - The Lost Fleet (Kick Starter Version)

ISS Vanguard: - The Lost Fleet (Kick Starter Version)

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The Lost Fleet is a continuation of the best-selling board game ISS Vanguard, offering players multiple new options and a complex, intriguing plot.

Many years after Vanguard’s initial journey, the global government is shocked by frightening news: Earth’s most modern ships have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The sole remaining interstellar spaceship, the good-old Vanguard, is swiftly refitted to embark on a rescue mission. Little do the crew know that they are about to stumble upon one of the Universe’s darkest secrets

  • EXPANSIVE CONTENT UPGRADE: The ISS Vanguard Stretch Goals Expansion enriches your gameplay with a wealth of exclusive content and add-ons.
  • VARIETY OF MISSIONS: Immerse yourself in varied missions and challenges, each designed to add depth and excitement to your interstellar journey.
  • EXCLUSIVE COMPONENTS: Enjoy unique game components not available in the base game, enhancing the diversity and replayability of your space adventures.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: These new elements blend flawlessly with the ISS Vanguard base game, maintaining the game's balance while expanding the universe.
  • ENDLESS ADVENTURE: Experience new layers of strategy and exploration, keeping your ISS Vanguard sessions fresh and engaging with each playthrough.


  • 26 Page Planetopedia
  • 56+ Page Logbook
  • 40 Page Operations Book
  • 8 Page Rulebook
  • 12 Page System Maps
  • 9 Alien dice
  • 6 Ship Book pages & cardholders
  • 15 Standess & tokens
  • 350+ cards. And Other Component
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