Collection: Pre-Orders


Before you place a pre-order please read the notes below: 

  • We will do our best to have your pre-order arrive for release date. This can't always be guaranteed due to delivery times. 
  • If you do need to cancel a pre-order in most cases that can be done. However we won't be able to offer a refund if the product is one week away from being released or it has already been posted.  
  • If you place a pre-order along with a product that is currently in stock, the entire order will be held till the pre-order becomes available. If you require the order to be split, that can be done. However we will need to invoice you for shipping again once the pre-order is ready to be posted. 
  • Any questions please email us first. 

 If there is a product that you would like to pre-order & don't see the option available on the website, simply email us and we can help you out. 

There are a large volume of products for pre-order from many suppliers at any given time, and we choose a few to add to the pre-orders section. Our system is currently not set up for large volume pre-order range of items.