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Papa Paolo Board Game

Papa Paolo Board Game

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* Game is in mint condition. Shrink wrap has some scratches.

The Papa Paolo Board Game brings you to the beautiful city of Naples, birthplace of one of the world’s favourite dishes: pizza. In Papa Paolo players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. To do this, you must outsmart your rivals by being a clever investor. You have to bid on the right city tiles and create your own little district of Naples.

Over the course of five game rounds, players first have to plan their actions carefully. They choose whether they want to invest in new pizzerias, make express deliveries, get sponsored by the bank, or expand their district. Once all players have used up their action tokens, players get rewarded by receiving Lira, which they can then use in a bidding phase to determine how many deliveries you can make, and how many pizzas you can deliver. Once you deliver pizzas to your hungry customers, they reward you by boosting your abilities, making each action more powerful as the game progresses. Every decision counts, but Papa Paolo is a very accessible game, which will charm players of all ages alike.

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