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Piñata Smashlings 5 Character Pack Assortment

Piñata Smashlings 5 Character Pack Assortment

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Note: This is an Assortment and ONE will be selected at random, we cannot promise a speficic style for online orders* Product is chosen at random. Price is per pack.

Catch that Smashling with 92 different Smashlings and Bashlings to collect, each has a Redeemable Digital Code for the Piñata Smashlings Roblox Game!


• INTRODUCING THE PIÑATA SMASHLINGS TOY LINE! The Roblox game that has been making waves all over the world is now coming to life! Go on daily adventures with your Piñata Smashlings Roblox Toys!

• CATCH THAT SMASHLING! Each 5-pack of Piñata Smashlings Collectible Figures comes complete with 1 hidden character and an exclusive DLC code that grants Roblox in-game benefits.

• ROBLOX PIÑATA SMASHLINGS ADNEVTURE AWAITS – redeemable digital code included! Explore the Piñataverse with your Piñata Box!

• PIÑATA SMASHLINGS COLLECTIBLE FIGURES! With 92 different 4cm tall characters to collect with varying rarities, collect the rare, epic, and legendary characters alongside randomly placed limited edition gold and silver Smashlings, exclusive bubblegum pink Smashlings, and many more surprises!


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